Safety Architect - First Steps

Create a new project

  1. Click on the New project link on the welcome page
  2. Enter a project name
  3. Click on Finish

You can select the Advanced button to choose the name of the Model and Feared Events Library

General Workflow

  1. After opening the .aird file, right click on the project and select Go to Activity Explorer
  2. Select System modelling to define and modelise your system
  3. Select Hazard analysis to identify the risks for the system
  4. Select Failure mode analysis to identify the failures for the system
  5. Select Safety items identification to create a new propagation tree


Fault tree

Once the system modelling is complete, you can create a fault tree:

  1. Click on the propagation icon
  2. Select your propagation rules
  3. Select your internal propagation engine options
  4. Define the parameters of the consistency check
  5. Select your feared events to propagate in your model


Generate a report

You can create various reports such as the global report:

  1. Click on the report icon
  2. Select a report
  3. Select your file
  4. Click on the yes button to open the Report perspective


Export your fault tree

You can export your fault tree to an other application:

  1. Right click on the project in the Project Explorer
  2. Select Export
  3. Select OpenPSA for example
  4. Select your .propagationtree file to export
  5. Select your target folder



You can create several versions for the same project:

  1. Click on the New version button
  2. Choose a name for the version
  3. Making changes and save your project
  4. Create a new version
  5. Choose an other name for the version
  6. In the History view, right click on a version
  7. Click on the Restore option to apply the previous version
  8. Click on the Yes button to confirm



You can compare your versions of the same project:

  1. In the History view, right click on a project version
  2. Select Compare
  3. You can see the modification between the two versions
  4. You can compare your Reference and Target models
  5. Select changes and right click on them
  6. Select Copy to the right or Ignore
  7. After choosing Copy to right, possibly select the merge options
  8. You can see the impacted elements
  9. You can see that the element is now present in the target project
  10. Click on the Finish button to apply the merge


Going further

Safety Architect also offers additional features, such as:

  • Dashboards and metrics to track and edit your model are also available in Window > Open Perspective > Dashboards
  • Communication with the MBSE tool Capella