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MaTeLo 5 helps testor teams

March 20, 2014:

Test teams gain in productivity, optimize their strategy and adapt themselves with Agility.

ALL4TEC announces new MaTeLo 5, automatic generator of test suites that can be imported in test management tools and be executed by test benches.
MaTeLo implements a Model-Based Testing approach (model-driven testing) in order to increase test coverage, faults detection at the earliest, and to decrease development costs of applications or systems.

MaTeLo 5 advantages include:
- Grouping of previous MaTeLo Testor and MaTeLo Editor to ensure a better test continuity.

- New perspectives for MaTeLo main activities of: model editing, test suites generation, reporting.
- A fully configurable and customizable innovative interface based on Eclipse RCP technology.

- Libraries (stimulation, verification, constants, variables) that allow a simplified reuse of data.
- An API for developing specific functions or algorithms for generating customized test cases for advanced users.

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