MBSA Success Stories - ALL4TEC

MBSA Success Stories

ALL4TEC is proud to have different success stories in this activities...

The few last years ALL4TEC has undertaken the following significant projects in the area of Model-Based Safety Analysis:


January 2013 – Birth of CALL4S: CEA - ALL4TEC joint laboratory

After a first successful collaboration under the FEDER project 'Build-IT-Safe', CEA and ALL4TEC decided to continue their work dedicated to system safety in the context of this joint lab. By allowing a more interactive approach to the analysis of functional safety, the integrated platform developed under CALL4S will be an indispensable tool to manage incremental developments in systems becoming more and more complex. Safety engineers will be able to have a better visibility of the system in the early analysis phases for the determination of safety performance.


November 2012 – Automotive

By coupling systems engineering and risk analysis techniques, ALL4TEC has proposed to a major French manufacturer a robust and generic methodology for defining and validating a safety concept as required by the ISO 26262 functional safety standard. This methodology has been applied in a first time successfully to assess the safety of the vehicle global lighting system.


Since 2011 - DCNS is a partner for Safety Architect

DCNS has chosen to associate its engineering system tool RSA (Rational System Architect) with our tool Safety Architect. Convinced by the efficiency of the model driven engineering approach, the French company brings to its ships architects powerful tools to control both functional and safety requirements.


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