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With more than 20 years of expertise in safety, ALL4TEC has been able to develop excellence skill on the following subjects: safety and system engineering, software safety, software reliability.

ALL4TEC services offered in the domain of Safety Analysis cover the following aspects:

• Software safety: SEEA (Software Errors Effect Analysis), critical code review, compliance to safety standards such as EN 50128; ISO26262; CEI 61508 …

  • Safety Plan
  • Definition of feared events
  • Risk analyses of functional and organic architectures
  • Critical Code Review
  • Code static analysis and formal proof
  • Implementation of robustness and fault tolerance mechanisms
  • Test of the software behavior in the presence of defects

• System Safety Analysis

  • Safety Plan
  • Preliminary Hazard Analysis (PHA)
  • Failure Mode Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA)
  • Software Errors Effects Analysis (SEEA)
  • Safety Case

• Engineering of the Safety engineering process: how to efficiently combine safety and system processes, how to allocate safety requirements to system components.

  • Audit of the Safety Referential
  • Elaboration of the Safety Referential
  • Process, guidelines and models for Safety
  • DO 178 C, IEC 61508, EN 50128, ISO 26262
  • Assessment of Safety Level
  • Use of Fault Tolerant techniques
  • Implementation of safety mechanisms

 • Software reliability: M-élopée tool for the evaluation of software failure rate, SRE (Software Reliability Engineering), quantitative requirements for software reliability.

  • Allocation of reliability requirements to software components
  • Elaboration of reliability requirements for OEMs
  • Detection of error prone designs and codes
  • Usage profile testing and SRE (Software Reliability Engineering)
  • Statement of behavior
  • Reliability growth modeling with M-élopée©
  • Demonstration of failure rate and MTTF

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