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Don't start alone!

Safety Architect is a tool based on Eclipse, whose use is not trivial.

For more effective start, we urge you to follow our free training of 2 hours by Webex. Make an appointment.

Then you can fully enjoy your month of assessment!

ALL4TEC offer around Safety Architect

ALL4TEC offers you training, support and maintenance for Safety Architect.

In order to enhance your productivity with Safety Architect, ALL4TEC support will provide you a quick answer to all your questions. Our best methodological approaches will be transferred to you.

When necessary we also will develop additional functions needed by your team: based on your request, we will evaluate the development cost and send you a proposal to develop your specific add-on that will boost your Safety Architect usage.

As tool software editor, ALL4TEC has the experience about support and maintenance management. ALL4TEC is the best solution to improve Safety Architect integration in your process and organization.

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