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MaTeLo implements a Model-Based Testing approach in a user-friendly environment. Starting from application usages, business requirements or user stories, testers design models able to automatically generate optimized test suites based on risk analysis, coverage and expected results. Test suites can be exported either to automatic execution tools or to test management tools for manual execution.

Requirements Traceability   Automated Test Suite Implementation   Automated Script Test Generation  
Requirements Traceability Automated
Test Suite Generation
Test Script Generation
Business requirements or specifications are assigned to the MaTeLo Model. Generated test cases are always linked to requirements and can be exported to test manager or sequencer tools (QC, Doors,...)louperouge1 MaTeLo generates automatically from a model test suites and test cases depending test strategy and product maturity. MaTeLo guarantees the best rate between coverage, risks, and the number of generated test cases.louperouge2 From generated test cases, MaTeLo generates automatically test scripts for automation tools from Keywords. A set of plugins lets MaTelo to be integrated to automation tools and test benchs.louperouge3

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MaTeLo Pilot or Proof of Concept project
Third Acceptance Testing
Deployment Assistance
MaTeLo Trainings


MaTeLo BeneficesFast ROI on test design, execution and maintenance
MaTeLo BeneficesReduced time to market, by increasing test duration
MaTeLo BeneficesDefects revealed earlier and business impacts limitation
MaTeLo BeneficesNo "pesticide paradox" by generating new test suites 
MaTeLo BeneficesBetter test coverage based on risk and priority analysis
MaTeLo BeneficesHigh quality delivered on timeMaTeLo Benefits

Have fun testing!

ISTQB Model-Based Testing

ISTQB compliant



MaTeLo is fully compliant with ISTQB :

ISTQB compliantTesting Software Testing fundamental
ISTQB compliantDevelopment lifecycle Testing
ISTQB compliantTest process and objectives
ISTQB compliantFunctional and non-functional test
ISTQB compliantTest design and measurementISTQB Model-Based Testing
ISTQB compliantFundamental test management


MaTeLo FeaturesFeatures

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  • Conditions/Decision and Business Rules Editor

    With the MaTeLo Switch Interactor, the Model-Based Testing becomes easier than ever! With the MaTeLo Switch Interactor, the Model-Based Testing becomes easier than ever!Your tran...
  • Keyword Driven Testing

    Generated automation scripts are described with generic keywords immediately usable in most automation tools (QTP, Selenium, TestStand…). They describe all input contexts and expec...
  • MaTeLo Overview

    MaTeLo by ALL4TEC is a complete solution of Model-Based Testing. ALL4TEC presents a powerful environment and a user-friendly interface in order to facilitate the carrying-out of y...
  • Automated Test Suite Implementation

    MaTeLo offers high-performance algorithms based on risk analysis to automatically generate functional test suites which can be exported either to the test manager (QC, TestLink,…) ...
  • Requirements Traceability

    Business requirements or User Stories are created into MaTeLo or imported from a requirementsmanager tool (HP ALM QC, Doors, Test Link,…). Requirements are assigned to the model tr...
  • Agile Model-Based Testing Process

    Agile testers design usage models from user stories. Every day they improve their models representativeness thanks to the scrum meeting outputs. While the agile team designs, devel...
  • Test Strategy

    Practically, once usage model is designed with MaTeLo, test cases can be generated as soon as the test strategy has been configured with:- generation algorithm - profile - sample o...
  • Automated Generation Algorithms How To

    Overview To generate some test cases, the user must go to the Generation perspective. You can access to this perspective by the button in the right top corner of the application....
  • Dynamic Stimulation and Verification

    For each test step, stimulation data is generated from equivalence classes. Output test data set (Test Oracle) can be computed from treatment functions or from data sources (files,...
  • Automated dataset management and creation

    DataSource Easily access to excel and text file datasets, to load into MaTeLo lists all your external data. Access to all you IT data using an ETL connector (Talend) with the pos...

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