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Proof of Concept Project

MaTeLo Proof of Concept

 In an objective of "Proof of Concept", All4Tec supports its customers in achieving Pilot Projects. Such projects demonstrate the ability to meet business requirements, testing process requirements or specific technological environments requirements. They measure the gains brought by our Model Based Testing solution MaTeLo, highlighting and demonstrating the gains between the traditional test processes and those of Model-Based testing, through the implementation of Business Cases.



 Why a Pilot Project?

 Our MaTeLo tool can meet the needs of our client. Therefore we identify the best candidate as Pilot, among the systems under test, and we instantiate the best practices of Model Based Testing to demonstrate the efficiency of the MaTeLo solution regarding the client’s major issues.Based on the results of the Pilot, the customer may decide to extend the use of MaTeLo for all of its validation activity.

 General Approach for a Proof of Concept

From a functional specification provided by the applicant in assessing MaTeLo, All4Tec build a Matelo model that can automatically generate test suites. These test suites can be run manually by testers. By providing access to software, system, website testing, or any other automated testing environment, MaTeLo can also generate test scripts for automated campaigns.

Breakdown of a Pilot project

 . Step 1 is intended to analyze the context of the IS so that All4tec can identify the scope of the pilot project and determine its objectives.

. During Step 2, the test model is designed and it automatically generate test suites thanks to MaTeLo. The test automation solution proposed by All4tec is based on the Model Based Testing and offers for each step a new way to reduce delivery times.  We also guarantee the best functional test coverage of the IS. To do this, the test plan writing is replaced by the design of a model of the system under test (SUT). From this model, it is then possible to generate test cases whose execution will be automated (Step 3). This improves the performance of the entire cycle of validation by integrating test modeling, automatic test generation with their bidirectional traceability information and qualitative analysis of campaigns carried out.

. Step 3 is to automatically generate scripts in the language used by the client test bench. Reports containing test results are extracted using the integrated tool MaTeLo and automatically implemented by ALL4TEC in the test management environment of the client. This provides a global view on the test indicators presented in different forms: Table, Dashboard, graphic ... and brings an easy test monitoring for the teams.

Main Objectives

The Pilot Project will demonstrate MaTeLo ability to model the system behavior and to generate ad hoc test suites with the following options:

Import requirements and change traceability from:

. ALM Quality Center
. Doors
. Requisite Pro
. Test Link
. Excel

Use MaTeLo Model Based Testing in an agile environment composed of user stories or unstructured requirements that are not writtenl.

Export the generated test suites in a test manager while ensuring requirements/user stories traceability  in environments such as:

. ALM Quality Center
. Test Link
. Doors
. Word

. Excel,

Automatically generate scripts to run test campaigns on test robots such as:

. Selenium
. TestStand
. VeriStand
. Exam
. Eggplant

Application Fields

The evaluatio process of the Model-Based Testing methodology with MaTeLo, can cover a wide spectrum such as:

IT (Information Technology):

. Applications thick client business (ERP, CRM, ...)

. Intranets or websites
. Business processes
. Mobile applications (ios android, windows, ...)
. Back office applications(search en gines, web services, APIs, ...)

Industry area:

. Critical embedded systems: Aerospace, Automotive, Railways,...

. Soil Systems

. PLC and process control systems

. Electronic cards

. Telecom infrastructure

- ...

Our Engagment

All4Tec, MaTeLo editor, accompanies you to the best practices in complex systems testing. We guarantee the stability of our resources, managing motivation of our teams to accompany you in the long term. We capitalize both on the team and on its expertise. Our engineer’s motivation to work on the design of automated tests, compared to the traditional manual validation, is an additional guarantee of the stability and performance of our team.

Mode of Action

The Pilot Project is usually done on Client premises, by a model-based testing consultant, with an average duration of one month.

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