Deployment Assistance

"Change management is the set of resources in manpower, tools and skills needed in order to create a favourable dynamic for a pro-intelligent and optimized use of new Information Systems."


In the field of change, undertaken actions are often subjective and based on managerial preconceptions and rumours:

• Users are wrongly perceived ("older people are less motivated and have the most difficulty for new technologies", ...),

• Because the recipe is made by product users, the difficulties of appropriating all the features during the deployment are minimized ("do not worry, we will get there, as usual!").

There is a tendency to over-confidence with the application of a classical approach based on successive and smoothed accompanying actions (Communication / Training / Support).


Our belief is that we must get out of preconceived ideas to be practical and effective, which is why we designed and implemented our innovative methodology "Change management" based on analysis and measurement of the change concepts closer to the ground reality.


Our methodology for managing change allows us to guarantee a human-centered approach, bespoke, pragmatic and optimized. It can be outlined as follows:

- Put human at the center of the approach

- Create value added with MaTeLo

- Sort MaTeLo user populations by family

- Conduct both individual and collective change

- Measure indicators of change

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