Plugin SCADE

Scade Model in the loop - Model Based TestingBy combining Model Based Testing and Design process, many aspects of the embedded system can be validated early in the lifecycle, long before an actual implementation is developed, and, most importantly, requirements can be validated before the system is implemented. A flexible integration environment makes it possible to reuse the test cases throughout the lifecycle.

 Scade Model Based Testing

The Model Based Testing software developed by ALL4TEC, allows to implement this approach and ensures a full requirement coverage. As soon as the requirements are implemented, all the scenarios and combinations can be tested with the best efficiency in regards of the number of test cases to design in order to get the requirements coverage.

MaTeLo offers two ways to generate automatically test cases necessary to reach the expected coverage:


TCL Script generation

 The MaTeLo software can generate test script by using the scripting feature in TCL format runnable under the SCADE environment.

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