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Test Strategy

Practically, once usage model is designed with MaTeLo, test cases can be generated as soon as the test strategy has been configured with:
- generation algorithm
- profile
- sample of model items

Thus, the user is able to translate the generated test cases into the targeted Automated Test Framework (ATF) language (test script). Depending on the SUT maturity and the expected product quality, different test strategies can be applied for the best efficiency.


Test Generation Strategy
Test Case Complexity   Target Coverage
  Generation Approach
Most Probable   Most probable:

MaTeLo generates a set of scenarios with the highest probability of occurence.

Simple   Nominal Cases   Deterministic

Risk Based Testing and Usage based testing

  Focus approach:

A test profile brings high probabilities to the system focused part.
MaTelo generates test cases focused on these parts

The focus can be based on Risks or Usages



  Risks   Random
Arc Coverage
  Arc coverage:

This algorithm provides an optimum test suite (minimal numbers of test steps that covers both transitions and requirement).


  • Arc coverage




  Requirements   Almost Deterministic
Operation Coverage
  Operation coverage:

A test profile reproduces the environment profile.
MaTeLo generates test cases close to customer behavior.
Variant: Equivalence classes and input Partition Testing

Interaction   Reliability   Random

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