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MaTeLo Overview

MaTeLo LogoMaTeLo by ALL4TEC is a complete solution of Model-Based Testing.

ALL4TEC presents a powerful environment and a user-friendly interface in order to facilitate the carrying-out of your performing validation test plans.

MaTeLo Ecosystem is the solution to the issues you encounter in your validation projects.
Maintaining test case, designing test scripts, managing requirements modifications and important volume of test cases will be solvable problems.

Graphical Design

Model-Based Testing Graphical Design Starting from the functional requirements, you are able to design your System (ECU) based on the drawing and configuration of states and transitions of your MaTeLo Usage Model. Thanks to a user-friendly graphical interface, you are mapping your requirements and create "test step" that best suits you.
Otherwise, you have the possibility to initiate some profiles matching to particular tests or specific users. From a unique Usage Model, you will dispose of an exhaustive list of configurations for your tests.
Markov Chain Design

Test Case Generation

Script Generation

As soon as the Usage Model is carried-out, you are be able to choose your Test Strategy. Indeed, MaTeLo disposes of a complete offer including test strategies related to your ECU maturity level: the most probable approach, the risk based approach, the arcs coverage approach, the usage approach.
Once you defined your strategy, MaTeLo will automatically generate the Test Suites (set of test cases).

Test cases can be exported in Test manager tool (HP ALM Quality Center plugin , TestLink plugin...)

Generated Test Cases

Test Script Generation

Test Automation

To handle an automatic execution of the validation process, MaTeLo supports numerous technologies. At the beginning, when you start to draw the Usage Model, in the Project Configuration, you can choose your Test Framework. It will able to reuse his code if you need.

Using a Test Framework is a good way to formalize the own architecture adapted to the needs of the company.
MaTeLo is a real Ecosystem, compliant with numerous environments as UFT, NI TestStand, EXAM, QTP, Selenium, and languages as VB, Python, ATX, or also custom scripts.
More about Test Automation.

Test Environment

Coverage Reports

MaTeLo Report Coverage

The coverage reports are used to show the requirements covered by the test cases.
Two kinds of MaTeLo Reports can be generated:

  • by test cases: this report will show a set of test cases, and for each of them the requirements covered, and by which element in the model.
  • by requirements: this report will show the whole requirements library content, and for each requirement, by which test cases it is covered, and where in the model.
Test Cases Report

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