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Dynamic Stimulation and Verification

For each test step, stimulation data is generated from equivalence classes. Output test data set (Test Oracle) can be computed from treatment functions or from data sources (files, DB, Web Services, ERP…), or from external tool calculator (Matlab, Scilab) or by using Python functions.

Dynamic Stimulation and Verification Test Oracle

In MaTeLo thanks to data libraries, the stimulation or verification is done easily by a drag/drop of the input data (for stimulation) or output data (for verification) in the respective folders.

Several stimulations or verifications can be defined.

MaTeLo offers the possibility to define fixed or rectangular distribution for the input based on enumerated and numerical types.

The Verifications or stimulations can be computed from treatment functions already available in MaTeLo or designed outside of MaTeLo in java or python languages.  

If there is a need to use data coming from external sources (Files as Excel, DB, Web Services, ERP…), MaTeLo offers the possibility to use specific treatment functions able to read databases table and import data based on filters, and is able to get data from an ETL Talend job.

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