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Automated dataset management and creation

DataSourceData Source

DataSourcesEasily access to excel and text file datasets, to load into MaTeLo lists all your external data.

Access to all you IT data using an ETL connector (Talend) with the possibility to access to more than 500 IT data sources : WebService, Oracle, DB2, AS/400, FTP, Web, SAP, ...

Connect MateLo Equivalence Classes (Logical Data) in order to valorise your Test Cases with physical Data from your data set

Manage dataset : Navigate, filter, order, delete, groub by, calculate them...

Create dataset : Depending MaTeLo choice, Get data from your pre-production IT data, and save it automatically into excel files or test cases.


Easily include all the Excel computing to automatically calculate an expected result or a calculated stimulation with a standard Excel form.

Use an alrearedy existing excel file with fomuleas in order to automatically compute expected results, and automatise your excel file with MaTeLo generated stimulations.

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