ALL4TEC is a software publishing company in functional validation, safety analysis and system engineering of increasingly complex and interconnected systems. For 15 years, ALL4TEC has been a pioneer in Model-Driven Engineering.

Our tools improve productivity, reliability and software quality. ALL4TEC has been developing its expertise throughout various domains such as Transportation, Defence, or Information Systems. We are supporting the community of engineers who build and develop systems for the future. 

Our headquarter is based in France, where our R&D team is. Since over than 15 years, we have established a strong technical and commercial partnership with our customers.


ALL4TEC Company

Inspired by innovation, we develop our own tools using the Model Driven Engineering approach with MaTeLo, Safety Architect and Papyrus.
We market our products to Automotive, Railway, Defence, Energy, Telecommunications and IT in general.





Contact Us: +33 180 750 755