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ALL4TEC is a software publishing company in functional validation, safety analysis and system engineering of increasingly complex and interconnected systems. For 15 years, ALL4TEC has been a pioneer in Model-Driven Engineering. Our tools improve productivity, reliability and quality. ALL4TEC has been developing its expertise throughout various domains such as Transportation, Defence or Information Systems. ALL4TEC supports the community of engineers who build and develop systems for the future.   

MaTeLo   MaTeLo     MaTeLo

MaTeLo© implements the Model-Based Testing approach in a user-friendly environment. Starting from application usages, business requirements or user stories, testers design models able to automatically generate optimized test suites based on risk analysis, requirements coverage and expected results.
Test suites can be exported either to automatic execution tools or to test management tools for manual execution.



  Safety Architect                                      
  Safety Architect© is a tool achieving risk analysis of complex systems using functional or physical architectures from usual modelling tools (for example SysML or UML).

It provides support to the implementation of FMEA and automatically deducts the FTA corresponding to the identified feared events.  The main functionalities of the tool are: import models, locally analyse the risk, spread to feared events, generate fault trees, export enriched models.



Papyrus© provides an integrated environment for editing UML models and related modeling languages such as SysML. Papyrus provides diagram editors for EMF-based modeling languages amongst them UML 2 and SysML and the mechanisms required to integrate these editors (GMF-based or not) with other tools.

Papyrus also offers a very advanced support of UML profiles that enables users to define editors for DSLs based on the UML 2 standard.



 Main Services     
  Model-Based Testing Model-Based Safety Analysis Model-Based System Engineering
Proof of concept
Software validation (MIL/SIL)
System integration and validation (PIL/HIL)
Engineering of the testing processes

Software safety
System Safety Analysis
Software reliability
Engineering of the Safety engineering process

Definition of the system requirements and functional modelling
System verification and validation
Engineering of the System engineering processes


Business cases  




ALL4TEC is an important stakeholder car and equipment manufacturer in the V&V area (Verification and Validation). We are known for our very strong skills in Model Driven Engineering processes and related tools. We work especially for automotive industry on GMP, multimedia, dashboard, air conditioning systems, etc.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        For more than 15 years, our tools and our know-how open us some opportunities to carry-out studies, audits, evaluations, trainings in the field of Software Functional Safety and critical systems for the Railway Industry (as supervision, interlocking, communication based train control -CBTC-, subway and main lines).
Information Technology   Telecom
ALL4TEC is a partner of IT companies like banking, insurance, and major IT groups in improving their engineering process and their tools, for their information systems.

ALL4TEC is a well-recognised contributor to Telecom systems testing. For many years we have brought our testing strategies and tools for the major companies in the domain.





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